Scripps Ranch Community Theatre

The History of Scripps Ranch Community Theatre

On June 16, 1978, the Scripps Ranch Community Theatre presented its first production, Our Town, at the little theater at United States International University. Open auditions had been held in the multipurpose room at Miramar Ranch Elementary. 

The idea for a community theater came from B.J. Scott, a Scripps Ranch resident who had appeared in a Patio Playhouse production in Escondido and was tired of the commute. She advertised in area newspapers and got a great response from interested thespians. 

Scripps Ranch Theatre presents Our Town 1987

In August 1978, the second production of the Scripps Ranch Community Theatre, Pure as the Driven Snow, was performed outdoors on a concrete slab, near the old Vons on Scripps Ranch Boulevard.

Lighting was provided by Steve Tuttle via “the longest extension cord you ever saw” from his dental office. Dr. Arnold Gass was the prime volunteer who helped to get this production started.

In 1980, The Scripps Ranch Community Theatre’s production of Mousetrap qualified the SRCT for membership in Associated Community Theatres (ACT) and SRCT was first represented at the Aubrey Awards.

During its first six seasons, the Scripps Ranch Community Theatre did not have a steady venue for its performances. They performed at USIU, Wangenheim Middle School, the Scripps Ranch Swim and Racquet Club, and an outdoor basketball court. They couldn’t publicize plays too far in advance because they didn’t know where they would be performing.

During its 10th season in 1987, the SRCT performed a reprise of its first production, Our Town.

In 1994, after 16 years of moving venue to venue, the Scripps Ranch Community Theater moved back to Scripps Ranch with a long-term relationship to use the theatre at USIU, which is now Alliant University.

Scripps Ranch Community Theatre residency at USIU, 1994
Program announcing SRCT’s first performance back in Scripps Ranch, 1994.