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Scripps Ranch Homeowners Association & SRCA

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July 1970

  • A letter from Mike LoCelso goes out to Scripps Ranch homeowners announcing the intention of forming a Scripps Ranch Homeowners Association to protect collective interests in the community’s well being, for growth and prosperity.

October 8, 1970

  • The first officers of the Scripps Ranch Homeowners Association are elected at a meeting of the Block Chairmen: Mike LoCelso, President; Ted Wrobel, Vice-President; Bill Connell, Secretary, Renee Weddell, Treasurer; and Jerv Monroe, Director. First, standing committees established in response to a survey conducted among homeowners: Relations with Developer; Relations With City, County, State; Relations with Miramar Naval Air Station; Park Committee; Schools; Home protection, fire, vandalism, pets; Shopping Center; Utilities; and Radio Interference.

October 26, 1970

  • The first newsletter of the Scripps-Miramar Homeowners Association is distributed.

March 1971

  • The first “Official Newsletter of the Scripps Ranch Homeowners Association” is published.
Front page of one of the first Scripps Ranch Homeowners Association newsletters
The front page of one of the first Scripps Ranch Homeowners Association newsletters, 1971.

October 1971

  • Bill Hartford, President of the Scripps Ranch Homeowners Association, explains the proper role of the Board of Directors and the officers of the Homeowners Association in the October newsletter.  It is his intent to fulfill the fundamental purpose stated by Mike LoCelso in his initial letter regarding the establishment of the Homeowners’ Association, which is “to keep everyone informed as to what is happening.”The Board of Directors is not nor was it intended to be, an “action” group.

May 1972

  • The City of San Diego proclaims May 8th through 14th as Town Council Week and recognizes “the diligent efforts being made by the Scripps Ranch Homeowners Association to improve its community and further urge more San Diegans to become involved in town council activities in their neighborhood.”
Scripps Ranch recognized for improving its community, 1972
SRHA recognized for improving the Scripps Ranch community, 1972.

July 6, 1972

  • The City Council, in part based on objections raised by the SRHA, sends back for redesign a plan that would have widened Pomerado Road to four side-by-side lanes without regard for tree location. Work on the redesign is suspended until approximately 1977 when the State Highway Department is expected to widen the bridge over I-15 to four lanes.

November 1972

  • Scripps Ranch Homeowners Association has 235 member families out of over 500 families eligible for membership. The annual dues rate is reduced to $1 which is used almost exclusively for publication costs.

Scripps Ranch Civic Association

January 22, 1973

  • The Scripps-Miramar Homeowners Association changes its name to the Scripps Ranch Civic Association.

February 19, 1973

  • SRCA Board of Directors votes to divide Scripps Ranch into 12 community districts, an expansion from the current seven districts, in light of the rapid growth of the community and the desire to properly represent the various areas of the community.

July 1973

  • The SRCA adopts a new logo, which incorporates the distinctive old-fashioned street light and eucalyptus tree. The logo was drawn by Anne Acevedo based on a sketch by Bill Anderson.

SRCA new logo with a eucalyptus tree and street light

August 1973

  • The SRCA has about 220 member families out of a possible approximately 850 families.

February 1974

  • The SRCA board decides to start work towards creating a Community Planning Group that will include representatives from homeowners, landowners, businesses, and USIU, and will have the goal of establishing development plans for the community. The City government recognizes and will consider the recommendation of community planning groups and the SRCA does not have the same status of recognition that a community planning group carries.

March 1977

  • SRCA dues are $3 per year.

September 1981

  • Membership dues for the SRCA increase from $3 to $5 per family. 

May 1982

  • The SRCA elects Bob Dingeman as President for the first time. He follows Lew Robertson in the position.

December 14, 1982

  • At the first annual SRCA Recognition Night, the SRCA honors the following individuals as Scripps Ranch Good Citizens of the Year: Mibs Somerville, Mary Kelley, Ray Bassett, Karen McElliott, and Charlie Beman.

December 13, 1983

  • SRCA names the following people as Scripps Ranch Citizens of the Year: Charles and Elinor Stenzel, Mary Ann Martini, Lew Robertson, Rick Davis, Joan Gass, and Robert E. Dingeman.

December 11, 1984 

  • SRCA names Carol Gardyne, Bob Dingeman, Horst Ludwig, and Betty Robertson Citizens of the Year.

December 1985

  • The SRCA names Robert E. Dingeman, Lauren Frederick, John Royer and Ron Weiss Citizens of the Year.

December 11, 1986

  • The SRCA hosts the annual Scripps Ranch Recognition Night at Jerabek School and names the following as Scripps Ranch Citizens of the Year: Jean McPhee, Susan Roberts, and Elinor Stenzel.

August 1987

  • SRCA annual dues rise to $10 per year.

December 15, 1987

  • A joint meeting of the SRCA and the Scripps Ranch Planning Group recognizes hardworking individuals. Karen Kissane, Bob Johnson, and Aileen Heimlich are named Scripps Ranch Citizens of the Year.
  • SRCA names Robert E. Dingeman President Emeritus.

February 1988

  • Circulation of SRCA Newsletter has increased to 4,800 residences.

December 13, 1988

  • Chuck Adkison is selected as Scripps Ranch Citizen of the Year.

July 1989

  • This is the first year that the SRCA co-sponsors the Mira Mesa Fourth of July Fireworks show.
  • The SRCA Newsletter editor expresses concern regarding the operation of the SRCA newsletter at a financial loss in the future and the need to consider options to make the newsletter an independently economically viable operation.

October 1989

  • Confusion and controversy erupt at the SRCA-sponsored City Council Candidates Forum. One candidate, Linda Bernhardt, had failed to confirm availability after multiple attempts to contact her. As other candidates had confirmed availability for the event, the Candidates Forum was scheduled and publicized. Two days prior to the event, Bernhardt’s campaign officer contacted the organizers to state she had other commitments. Bernhardt shows up late to the event, announces to the audience that the forum is a “charade” and refuses to participate. The Forum proceeds with the other candidates present speaking and many in the audience of 200 are upset by the activities at the Forum. Bernhardt is elected to the City Council the following month.
  • Kathy Allman, the Advertising Manager for the SRCA Newsletter during the difficult transition into a self-sustaining operation, and Connie Reins, the Secretary of Jerabek School since its inception, are awarded the 1989 Scripps Ranch Women of Achievement Award. Prior winners included Elberta “Bert” Fleming, Jane Merrill Paula Oquita, Lauren Frederick, Becky McDonald, Jean La Duca, Christie Clark, Karen Assall, Barbara Nyegaard, Fini Wright, and Jackie Corey

December 14, 1989

  • SRCA names Robert E. Dingeman Citizen of the Year.

February 13, 1990

  • The SRCA votes to amend its bylaws to form a Civic Association Board composed of 11 District Directors (one for each district in Scripps Ranch) plus the Executive Committee in order to better represent the interests of the community.

March 1990

  • Paid “open letter” ads are placed by Corky McMillin and the resulting reaction from Scripps Ranch residents forces the SRCA Newsletter to examine its ad policy.

December 10, 1990

  • Brian and Kathy Allman, Neil Berkowitz and Ruth Nelson are selected as Scripps Ranch Citizens of the Year.

December 15, 1991

  • The SRCA Newsletter Editor Cheryl DeVincentis is named Scripps Ranch Citizen of the Year.

December 8, 1992

  • The SRCA names Ralph McCort and Lynn Parke as Scripps Ranch Citizens of the Year.

December 14, 1993

  • Chris Dreifuss is named Scripps Ranch Citizen of the Year.

December 13, 1994

  • Rita and Wes Danskin are named as Scripps Ranch Citizens of the Year. 

December 12, 1995

  • Marc Sorensen is honored as Scripps Ranch Citizen of the Year.

October 1996

  • The SRCA creates its own homepage and website on the internet.

December 10, 1996

  • Dr. Steven Tuttle and Karen Wood are named Scripps Ranch Citizens of the Year. The Scripps Ranch Recognition Night includes the “Energizer Bunny” award for the first time. Officially called the Executive Board Award of Merit, this award goes to those volunteers who keep on going and going, giving their time to the community year after year. The SRCA sought and received permission from Energizer Holdings, Inc. to use their Energizer Bunny logo on the certificates of appreciation for this award. The first two recipients of this award are Lynn Parke and Ralph McCort.

December 9, 1997

  • Sharon Hays is named Scripps Ranch Citizen of the Year.

December 8, 1998

  • The SRCA names K.J. Koljonen and Julian Parrish as Scripps Ranch Citizens of the Year.

November 1999

  • The McMillin Information Pavilion is cut into three sections as part of the process of relocating the building to its new location on Cypress Canyon Road. As a gift to the City, the signature building, which for six years provided information about new homes for sale in Scripps Ranch Villages, will take on an expanded role of providing information about City services and the Scripps Ranch community, as well as serve as the SRCA’s headquarters. 

December 14, 1999

  • Katie Sullivan and Bob “Hitch” Hitchcox are recognized as Scripps Ranch Citizens of the Year.

Spring 2000

  • SRCA’s membership is over 2,200 homes; its annual budget is $33,000 and its newsletter is 88 pages long and distributed to over 10,000 homes.

November 2000

  • The SRCA begins its efforts to create bound copies of all SRCA newsletters to be placed at the library and the Information Center. Wes Danskin single-handedly collects, prepares, and binds the SRCA Newsletter files as historical documents, which are placed in the Scripps Ranch Community Center and the library.

December 12, 2000

  • Claudia Unhold is named Scripps Ranch Citizen of the Year.

December 11, 2001

  • Gordon Boerner is named Scripps Ranch Citizen of the Year. “Gordon Boerner, a tireless worker for this achievement!” adds Col. Bob Dingeman.
Gordon Boerner, SRCA VP, and Jany Staley, 4th of July Committee Chair, 2003
Gordon Boerner, SRCA VP, and Jany Staley, 4th of July Committee Chair, 2003.

December 10, 2002

  • The SRCA names Robert Ilko as Scripps Ranch Citizen of the Year.

August 2003

  • Charles Preece, a long-time Scripps Ranch community activist, passes away. Chuck and his wife lived in Scripps Ranch since 1978, both taking an active part in the community. Chuck edited the SRCA Newsletter, did publicity for the Scripps Ranch Community Theatre and served on its board, and was a member and chair of the Scripps Ranch Historical Society. He was also on the executive board of the Scripps Ranch Civic Association and served on the Citizens Advisory Council of Miramar College. His biggest legacy to the community was writing E.W. and Ellen Browning Scripps: An Unmatched Pair, a book about the extraordinary siblings. He was also the secretary of the San Diego Pearl Harbor Survivors Association.

January 2004

  • Membership in the SRCA is $20 per year.

February 10, 2004

  • SRCA names all San Diego firefighters and law enforcement personnel as the Scripps Ranch Citizens of the Year.
SRCA booth at Scripps Ranch Community Fair, 2004
SRCA booth at Scripps Ranch Community Fair, 2004.

December 14, 2004

  • The SRCA recognizes Marvin Miles as the Citizen of the Year.

January 2005

  • Chuck Adkison, the devoted SRCA Newsletter distribution manager, steps down after 30 years of distributing the newsletter.

December 13, 2005

  • Jany Staley is named Scripps Ranch Citizen of the Year. At the SRCA Recognition Night, Councilmember Brian Maienschein presents her with a special City Council resolution proclaiming December 14, 2005, as Jany Staley Day. 
    The first members to the SRCA Volunteer Hall of Fame, 2005
    Back row left to right: Wes Danskin, Gordon Boerner, Marc Sorensen, Bob Ilko and Julian Parrish. Front row left to right: Karen Wood, Bob Dingeman, Nancy Allen (widow of honoree Steve Allen), Chuck Adkison and Claudia Unhold. Not pictured: Honoree Brian Allman.

    The SRCA also institutes the Volunteer Hall of Fame to recognize past Citizens of the Year who continue their active volunteerism. The first inductees are Chuck Adkison, Steve Allen, Brian Allman, Gordon Boerner Wes Danskin, Bob Ilko, Bob Dingeman, Julian Parish, Marc Sorensen, Claudia Unhold, and Karen Wood. 

December 13, 2006

  • Elissa Barber and Bill Bernard are named Scripps Ranch Citizens of the Year by SRCA. Lynn Parke, David Prewett, and Katie Sullivan are inducted into the Volunteer Hall of Fame.  

March 11, 2008

  • Rod Bolton and Bob Cavanagh are named Scripps Ranch Citizens of the Year by the SRCA.  

October 14, 2008

  • The SRCA hosts a “Thank You” reception for outgoing Councilmember Brian Maienschein, who consistently took the lead to help the community throughout his tenure as Scripps Ranch’s representative on the City Council. 

February 2009

  • Kathy Randall organizes the non-profit organization Scripps Ranch Elder Care Alliance as a sub-group of the SRCA to provide seniors an alternative to moving from their home to a retirement or assisted living community by providing information, education, recreation, and assistance. Scripps Ranch has more than 9,000 residents over the age of 50, which represents 28 percent of the community. 

April 2009

  • Lynn Owens spearheads the effort to create Sustainable Scripps Ranch, a standing committee of the SRCA, with the goal of creating a more sustainable Scripps Ranch for the continued health and well-being of the community and the future generations that will thrive here.

April 14, 2009

  • The SRCA names Bill Crooks as Scripps Ranch Citizen of the Year. Marvin Miles is inducted into the Volunteer Hall of Fame. 

June 7, 2009

  • An Open House is held for the new Scripps Ranch Elder Care Alliance (SRECA) at the Scripps Ranch Community Center. 

October 2009

  • Peggy Dolby, at age 87, still continues to deliver the SRCA newsletters to her neighborhood. She has been delivering newsletters for 18 years. 

May 11, 2010

  • Jim Paterniti and Mary Drummond are honored as Scripps Ranch Citizens of the Year. Jany Staley is inducted into the Volunteer Hall of Fame.