The Original Scripps Ranch Real Estate

The Original Scripps Ranch Real Estate

Many years after the Scripps family made Scripps Ranch into a community of their own, large companies began to take notice. Scripps Ranch was special, and others were interested in claiming a piece of it for themselves. When Leadership Homes began to plan the original Scripps Ranch real estate, they took one giant step in the direction of making Scripps Ranch what it is today.

Land for Sale in Scripps Ranch

In 1968, the Macco Corporation purchased 1,180 acres of Miramar Ranch from Margaret Scripps Hawkins, widow of Robert P. Scripps, for $4.2 million, promising to preserve the 47-room mansion as a tourist attraction.

The sale of Miramar was not a unanimous decision in the family. E.W. Scripps’ grandsons, Charles, Bob, and Ted were in favor, while their sister, Nackey Scripps Loeb, wife of the well-known New Hampshire publisher William Loeb III, objected.

At a luncheon for San Diego City and County civic officials and members of the press held at Scripps Miramar Ranch, William C. Baker, president of Macco, said that their plan was basically an extension of Mr. E.W. Scripps’ original plan.

E.W. Scripps had planned and developed a home in a gracious, countryside surrounding for his family, friends and himself. The concept was simply to extend that plan, retaining the same type of environment in making it available for a large number of families.

There were plans for three advanced-standard schools and a large high school. Macco promised to preserve the original character of the ranch and protect the large eucalyptus and pine trees.

On September 28, 1969, Leadership Homes, a subsidiary of Macco Corp., held its “Grand Opening” sales presentation for the first homes to be built in the new residential development, Scripps Miramar Ranch. The following eight pages and intermittent text depict Leadership’s marketing brochure.

Scripps Ranch real estate original homes for sale brochure

The astonishing Mr. Scripps…

Edward Wyllis Scripps, a poor boy from Illinois, largely self-educated, built one of the largest publishing empires in the nation (now Scripps-Howard); founded the United Press International, the Science News Service, and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography; and created what must certainly be the most unusual ranch in California: Miramar. It was from Miramar—often holding conferences in his steam room—that he directed his chain of Scripps-Howard newspapers and other business ventures.

Above all, E. W. Scripps was a lover of nature and occasional solitude. He believed that a man and his family should have a place to live that was away from the cities, where children could grow up away from the clamor of urban civilization.

… and the house that he built

For E. W. Scripps, Miramar was the ideal family retreat. The climate here was the finest he had found in his travels around the world. He bought the property in 1890, and by the time the ranch was completed many years later, it was a comfortable, nearly self-supporting oasis for his family, friends, and workers.

The 47-room mansion was a focal point for other activities. Family hobbyists grew flowers, raised bees, collected unusual birds, kept dogs and horses. E. W. spent his leisure hours supervising the planting of thousands of trees—eucalyptus and pine—from all over the world.

It took a staff of 61 people to properly maintain the Ranch. After Scripps’ death in 1928, the staff was eventually cut down to three, and the property became severely deteriorated.

Scripps Ranch real estate original homes for sale brochure map

Now… Many mansions at Miramar

In 1968, the 1200 acres comprising the Scripps Miramar Ranch were purchased by the Macco Corporation of Newport Beach, California, and restoration was immediately begun. Using E. W. Scripps’ concept of an away-from-it-all, self-contained and self-supporting home in an ideal climate, Macco is currently developing a new rural community at Scripps-Miramar. In addition to the original 47-room mansion, there will be 1,200 distinctive homes with architecture blending consistently with the ranch atmosphere. Instead of the old gymnasium-schoolhouse, three advanced-standard schools plus a large high school are tentatively planned.

Immediately adjacent to the Ranch are two of the finest universities in the state—the giant University of California at San Diego and a new campus for the United States International University—as well as the new Miramar Junior College, all of which will add substantially to the cultural and academic atmosphere of the community.

Instead of vegetable gardens and cattle, there will be an ultra-sophisticated commercial service area with supermarkets, shopping plazas, and service centers.

Scripps Ranch real estate original homes for sale scenery

Master Planning The Perfect Community

The Macco Corporation is no newcomer to large-area land planning. We have developed more than 130,000 acres of ranch properties, in addition to developing commercial, industrial and residential real estate. It has long been the philosophy of the corporation to preserve the beauty of these historical sites whenever possible.

Scripps Miramar is no exception. The original mansion has been refurbished, where necessary, with period furniture and appointments, and has been opened to the public as a historical monument. Its integrity is now being protected by an army of Macco craftsmen, gardeners and maintenance people. The entire central area of the ranch has been set aside as a link with the past and an object of pride for the new community which will grow around it.

Just as important in preserving the original character of the ranch is the protection of the large eucalyptus and Torrey pines which Scripps planted nearly 80 years ago. Many of these, of course, will be taken out to accommodate homes, but where forests remain to serve as natural watershed and picnic areas, the trees will be properly taken care of for the first time in many years. In addition to these natural forest areas, three large parks, Jerabeck Park, Browning Park, and Fox Grove, will be interspersed throughout the community under the terms of the San Diego Park District Procedural Ordinance of 1969.

Scripps Ranch real estate original homes for sale community

These will contain picnic and cooking facilities as well as play equipment for the children. A large pond near the center of the community will remain in its natural state and a short walk north will bring you to the excellent bass and trout fishing of Miramar Reservoir.

Just to the north of the community is a large nature preserve, a heavily wooded valley with small ponds, trails and rest areas. Within the community itself, large areas of broad green lawns, or greenbelts, serve as open areas for strolling.

The entire community will comprise 1200 acres. Homes—developed by Leadership Homes, a division of Macco—follow the greenbelts. Exciting, thoughtfully designed 3 to 4 bedroom homes, up to 2,737 square feet, are available in a variety of elevations and price levels.

Some offer huge “growing rooms” to make use of as you please, giving you up to seven bedrooms if necessary. All maintain our rigid standards of excellence in construction. Two series of models, the Woods and the Park series, are now being shown, each with the features you’ve come to expect in a custom home: all-electric, built-in kitchens, gas outlet in fireplaces, fully insulated walls and ceilings, and exceptional standards like wall-to-wall carpeting, step-down living rooms, and luminous kitchen ceilings.

Of course, all utilities are underground and air conditioning ducts are already installed. Some models offer open beam ceilings. Best of all, you will be exceptionally pleased with the location of Scripps Miramar Ranch. Situated on the gently sloping hills between the mountains and the sea, the eight-lane Interstate 15 (now Route 395) will make it only 15 minutes from the commercial centers of San Diego, Balboa Park, the beaches and Mission Bay, and the sports and cultural activities of the Arena, the Stadium, and the Civic Center.

Leadership Homes Presents the Grand Opening of Scripps Ranch Homes for Sale

On September 28th, 1969, a “Grand Opening” sales presentation was held by Leadership Homes, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Macco Corp. The Scripps Ranch homes for sale consisted of the “Park Series” homes, with prices ranging from $33,000 to $39,000, and the “Woods Series” homes, with prices ranging from $29,000 to $32,500.

Scripps Ranch real estate original homes for sale newspaper advertisement












This original advertisement reads:

80 years have passed. The eucalyptus and pines are taller now. Quiet forests are filled with deer and songbirds and lakes teem with old lunker bass. The 47-room mansion, built in 1890 by millionaire E.W. Scripps, is mellow with age, yet exactly as it was when he first invited his friends here—a monument to the gracious, rural way of life that led the famous publisher to carve his Shangri La out of these rolling California hills.

Now we’re inviting our friends to see it all… the ranch. With its stunning antiques, adobe stables, gymnasium, gardens and aviary, and the beautiful new community that is now abuilding in this woodland wonderland.

We’d like you to see how we are transforming woods and meadows into protected parks that make a Sunday outing just a stone’s throw from your doorstep. You might even want to stroll the beautiful campus of the exciting new University of California at San Diego destined to be one of the world’s great centers of learning, or visit the famous Scripps Institution Of Oceanography just down the road.

But above all, we want you to experience the tradition of rural elegance and quietude for which the Ranch has been famous for more than a half- century.

Like E.W. Scripps, Leadership Homes, too, has a sense of tradition. You’ll see it in the 9 new models of outstanding 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom homes that will go on display grand opening day. These superbly designed homes feature step-down living rooms with vaulted ceilings spectacular patio kitchens with luminous ceilings, dishwashers and disposals, beautiful wall-to-wall carpeting, custom designed fireplaces and “growing” rooms for growing families.

Park homes featured four distinct floor plans and 18 elevations, ranging from 1,658 square feet to 2,737 square feet.

Scripps Ranch homes for sale in the original Park Series

Woods homes had five distinct floor plans of their own, with 12 elevations ranging from 1,402 square feet to 2,063 square feet.

Scripps Ranch homes for sale in the original Woods Series

150 homes were sold before the public even saw the models at the Grand Opening weekend.  Model homes were reached by a red asphalt road adjacent to Hendrix pond.

The amenities and upgraded features varied between the Park Series and the Woods Series of original Scripps Ranch real estate. All of the Park series homes were two stories and equipped with a 3-car garage, family room, dining room, breakfast nook, and growing room. The Wood Series homes were one story and equipped with a 2-car garage, den or dining room, living room, and dining area.

The actual purchase price depended upon the selected upgraded features, including carpet, family room fireplace with gas outlets, wood shake roofs, built-in “Waste King” dishwasher, garbage disposal, deluxe self-cleaning double oven & range unit, step-down living room, underground utilities, stained custom hardwood kitchen cabinets, luminous kitchen ceiling, and concrete front walk and patio.

The next grand opening would be September 28, 1969.